What wallet do you use?


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I've recently switched to craft wallet, very minimal, suits my needs, I carry 3 cards and 2 I'd cards, serves me very well and the flipping g up of the cards is cool.

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Manufacturabrand on ETSY. I'm extremely happy with it. The exterior is made from Horween Chromexcel leather and the interior is made from Horween Sienna Essex. Couldn't be happier! Best $55 I've ever spent!

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Thanks for the info, it's VERY nice!


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Kisetsu Nastu wallet in Crazy Horse leather. I love this wallet. Beautiful leather, 7 cards, slot for notes and space for 5 or 6 coins in a wallet barely bigger than the cards themselves. I bought two of these from the Kickstarter (one for my daughter) and then upgraded my original to this version. Worn really nicely over the year since I took these pictures. Has reached the exalted status of an true EDC item, one which never ever changes in my carry.



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Trying out this new leather Cuoieria Fiorentina front pocket wallet. It has four individual card slots on each side plus one main and two side pockets running the entire length for folded cash and other cards, receipts, etc. So far, so good.



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I was using a Travax wallet but it was too clumsy to get cash in and out of it. If all you carry is cards, they're great though

This is an Admiral brand.

It's nothing fancy but it's incredibly flat and if you're on your butt a lot, that's a good thing. Ring is handy if you're somewhere where you need to worry about being pick-pocketed. I use a locking carabiner and hook it to my belt loop.
What wallet is this? I can't find "Admiral Brand" wallets anywhere.

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Last week I was pick pocketed while out on Bourbon street, so I'm having to get a new wallet. Living in a dodgy town, I have always kept my personal items to a bare minimum in case I'm mugged or robbed. He only got my id, health insurance, CCW and one credit card.

Anyways, what wallet to get to replace my stolen one? I tend to have small wallets that ride in my front pocket and have been known to use a money clip. I found this offering and decided to give it a try. The Flipside company has 2 "wallets" they offer, both offering RFID protection. I chose the Strata. I'll offer my review once I receive and use it, but so far am sold on the concept


I like the Eagle Creek slip for front min carry...


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A THE wallet is made well but too big even empty IMO lol
anyone here doin Recycled Firefighter?


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i've been looking at smaller wallets as my spec-ops t.h.e. wallet is a bit big for how much i carry in it, now. the only cards i carry are:

ccw license
insurance cards
debit card
emergency contact card
voter registration card

i was looking at the ridge wallet, but i wanted something made here in The U.S.A.; so that ruled out the ridge wallet. but i watched a video on the dango dapper bifold wallet and liked what i saw. so now that's on my radar. it's not exactly cheap at $79.99, but i like what i saw and will hopefully be able to order one, soon.