ZT and Kershaw Photo Thread


Apocalypse Survivor
Don't know, how good the prices really are...just to let you all know... :)

Happy Monday--

Sometimes it is frustrating that the best knives out there drain your bank account. Not today.

Last week, ZT wrote me to let me know several of their knives are being discontinued and we were free to close them out. These are crazy good values at normal prices. For a limited time, I am going to cut these right to the bone and give everyone an opportunity to own one of these truly great knives at a fraction of the cost it would normally cost.

These are even from ZT's top designers!

Les George ZT0900 $149.95

Rexford ZT804CF $199.95 (My favorite among them)

Emerson ZT0630 $159.95

Les George ZT0909

Some of these are in really limited quantities, so if you go there and they are all gone...

I'll catch you later!

Derrick and Wendy Bohn