Sunday , May 24 2020
Lypen Titanium Pen

Lypen Titanium Pen Review

I recently received a titanium pen from Mark Anthony called the Lypen. I’ve been using it almost every day for several weeks and it’s become my favorite “tactical” pen to date.

The first thing that impressed me was the exceptional quality of the machined titanium. A great deal of precision was used to manufacture this pen and it really shows. This pen would look just as good in the board room as it would in the field. Watch out for pen thieves, because this pen will “walk away” if you’re not careful.

The Lypen is surprisingly light when you first pick it up, because most other pens in it’s class are, let’s face it, heavy. I’ve owned a handful of “tactical” pens over the years and all of them weigh a ton. It doesn’t take long for your hand to feel fatigued if you’re forced to write for a significant amount of time. The Lypen’s titanium construction eliminates the weight, but is still incredibility strong. It’s the perfect “sleeper” tactical pen in my opinion.

The Lypen works very well with Field Notes and other notebooks.

Precision machining gives this pen a high-end, yet industrial feel.

Military-grade tungsten tip can break glass if needed.

The removable cap nests perfectly on the end of the pen.

The weight savings of titanium construction help reduce hand fatigue.

Lypen is compatible with Parker, Fisher and Pilot refills. Space Pen refill shown.

EDCP Breakdown

Overall Design
Initial Quality
Works As Intended
Overall Value

Very Good

Well designed Titanium pen that feels solid in your hands. Watch out for pen thieves!

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