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Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Sunglasses Review

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I was looking for eye pro for outdoor shooting and recently picked up a pair of Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Sunglasses.  


Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Sunglasses with PRIZM TR22 Lenses

Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Sunglasses with PRIZM TR22 Lenses


The Det Cord model was released in 2014 and was designed to meet the needs of Military, Law Enforcement, and the Shooting Sports.  I was definitely wanting something with a wrap around design that gives me good peripheral vision and impact protection.  The Det Cords meet the impact fragmentation requirements of MIL PRF 32432 and ANSI Z87.1-2010.  In order to meet MIL PRF 32432, the glasses are hit with a 0.15 caliber, 5.85 grain, T37 shaped projectile at about 640-660 feet per second. The eyewear must remain intact throughout the test, without experiencing any dislodged components or fracture to the lens. Certainly good enough for my philosophy of use.



The Det Cords have a few other features that appealed to me.  Mine came with the PRIZM TR22 lenses.  



The Prizm TR22 shooting lenses are designed to “tune light to maximize contrast that enhances contours and details. They are best suited for brighter light conditions, eliminating 78% of ambient light and blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light”.  I found Oakley’s claim to be 100% true. Looking through these lenses is like putting a HD filter on a photograph.  Edge Eyewear’s Blade Runner XL have been my sunglasses of choice the past several years.  They’re very comfortable, cost-effective (read: cheap), and they also meet the ANSI Z87.1+2010 ballistic standard.  However, the Blade Runner XL lenses just make everything darker.  They don’t enhance my vision.  These PRIZM lenses make everything sharper including targets on the range.  I’ve also found them to be great even on overcast days.  For indoor shooting, they’re OK but I’d probably opt for the TR45 version of the same lenses, which only block 55% of ambient light.

The Det Cords also feature ear stems that fit very close so they don’t interfere with Ear Pro.  For me, that was a bit of a compromise.  The fit in general is a tad tighter than I’d like.  My hat size is a whopping 7 3/4 and so I have this problem often with sunglasses.  I purchased a pair of Oakley Fuel Cells around the same time to compare and they actually fit me better because they are just a touch wider.  I’m not sending the Det Cords back but I can already tell that they won’t be as comfortable as the Fuel Cells for all day wear.



The upside of the close fit is they are good to wear with a beanie or a watch cap on colder days.



Overall, despite the slightly tighter fit, I really like the Det Cords.  The TR22 shooting lenses are amazing and the Det Cords are more versatile than the SI Tombstones, which would look out-of-place for casual wear on the street.  The Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cords retail for $175 and can be purchased at various stores that sell Oakleys and other online outlets.      

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