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Spyderco Pocket Dump

Spyderco Pocket Dump

Submitted by forum member Gallows.

When it comes to durability, it’s hard to argue with brands like Spyderco and Fenix. The Spyderco Tenacious has earned a reputation for being a tough, quality pocket knife and the Flatbyrd, while being a bit rare, fits right in with its tough aluminum construction. Round that out with the proven Fenix LD-22 and you have a winning combination of EDC essentials.

The Flatbyrd is an intriguing pocket knife because you don’t see them very often, probably because it’s been discontinued by Spyderco. Personally, I think the ultra-slim and lightweight design would make them a popular choice in the EDC community. I really like the machined aluminum construction and overall industrial aesthetics. If you need a thin, credit card sized knife, the Flatbyrd would be a good fit.

The Fenix LD-22 is a great choice for an EDC flashlight. It provides up to 215 lumens from two AA batteries and features six different output modes. The side mounted switch makes changing modes easy. The last thing you want is a flashlight with a confusing, hard to use interface.

Keeping a concealed or spare handcuff key isn’t a bad idea in today’s heated political environment. There has been some discussion about the Zak Tool Keeper Cuff Key having poor compatibility with the keeper on some duty belts, so keep that in mind.

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