Sunday , May 24 2020
EDC Pocket Dump Lou-G

Trauma Kit & Pocket Organizer Pocket Dump

Submitted by forum member Lou_G.

Lou’s pocket dump is a reminder of the EDC adage, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”. It also reminds me about being prepared for the unexpected. It’s easy to slip into a daily routine and forget about “what could happen” as we go about living our lives. Having the necessary items to deal with a variety of emergencies can’t be overstated. You never know when you or someone else may need help.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to carry a ton of gear on your person. This is where a good quality EDC bag becomes essential. It can hold the lion’s share of gear, while still keeping important items organized and close at hand. A good backpack, shoulder bag or even a duffel bag can fill this roll. You’ll have to decide what bag is right for your needs.

A pocket organizer is another excellent way of keeping your smaller EDC items organized and easy to access. You can use multiple pocket organizers to segment different types of gear, such as first aid, survival supplies, admin items, etcetera. Going one step further, you can even use different color pocket organizers for quick visual reference. Use red for first aid, green for survival and so on.

I like that Lou’s pocket dump has some redundancy built into it. He has multiple flashlights, knives, tools, batteries and spare magazine. Having multiple items helps defend us against Murphy’s Law. So, when the flashlight you just grabbed doesn’t work or your knife blade is dull, you have another standing by. Having spent many days in the field as a Marine, I can guarantee that equipment failure does happen. You should always have a backup plan.

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